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Soups On!

Soups On

by Marchiori Catering

Homemade Soups Prepared Fresh in our Kitchen by William L. Marchiori


Chicken Soup

chicken, noodles, carrots


Gluten Free Chicken Soup

chicken, gluten free noodles, carrots


Minestrone Soup

vegetarian soup with vegetables, beans, noodles, tomatoes, potatoes


Lemon Rice Soup

chicken, rice, lemon juice


Wedding Soup

spinach, mini-meatballs, noodles, carrots


Lentil Soup

beans, carrots, celery, spinach


Chicken Enchilada Soup

chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes


Royal Wedding Soup

chicken, cheese tortellini, carrots


Tomato Soup

tomato with cream


Beef Chili

ground beef, beans, peppers




$7.00 Per Quart 


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